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Spray Booth


Booth Cabin:

Double skinned walls are solid interlock panel construction, pre-coated finish and prevented with plastic film.

Entrance Doors:

Insulated, rubber gasket sealed doors with positive internal lock bar in threshold base and solid header base. Standard tri-fold.

Personnel Door:

Equipped with safety glass observation window, rubber sealed.

Lighting Fixtures:

Lighting units each with four 36W or 18W tubes inclined in ceiling or in wall panels for shadow free illumination.

Basement & Gratings:

Raised metal basement, galvanized grates and support structure, easy installation.

Booth Filtration:

Pre-Filtration: pre-filters reduce contamination of ceiling filters.

Ceiling Filters: European style blanket filters provides maximum air movement. 99% efficiency on 10 micron particles.

Floor Filter: Glass fibre paint stop filters, loacated under the gratings.

Extract Filter:Glass fibre paint stop floor filters as post-filtration in extraction cabinet.

Intake System:

Double-intake centrifugal fan or backward inclined turbo fan.

Filtering of incoming air as well as recycled air.

Extract System:

Double-intake centrifugal fan or backward inclined turbo fan.

Floor filters and post- filtration before extract fan minimize the pollution of atmosphere.

Heated Air Recirculating System:

High efficiency stainless indirect heat exchanger can be fired by either oil, natural gas or propane gas.

85-90% of cabin air is recycled during bake cycle through pneumatic by -pass damper, heat rise up to 80°c.

Indirect heat burner: Italian Riello Burner, heat capacity from 180000 to 280000 Kcal/h. Gas burner as optional.

Infirect fired heating system on request.

Electrical Control System

Designed for easy operation and reliability.

All components are recognized, listed or certified by CCC,UL,ETL, CAS or CE.