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DAL32CA/40CACar Lift

2-Post Hydraulic Gantry Car Lift (Baseless)


1. Baseless lift with wide space between posts allows easy access.

2. Mechanical self-locking device, with double safety.

3. Anti-abrasion nylon slide block for stable lifting.

4. Automatic arm locking during lifting and unlocking when the arm reaches the floor.

5. Mechanical over-height protection to keep vehicles from bumping with top beam.

6. Connected steel cables to force the synchronized moving of two lift carriages.

7. Folded steel posts with high rigidity.

8. Double hydraulic cylinders to ensure stable moving.

9. Asymmetrical arms, symmetrical posts.

10. High capacity plate-chain lifting system.

Technical data

Manual mechanical lock release from two sides.

Lifting capacity: 3200KG/4000KG

Lifting height: 1900mm

Minimum height:  95mm

Lifting time:   40-45s/50s

Overall height: 3726mm

Overall width:  3420mm

Width between columns: 2820mm

Motor power:  2.2kw

Power supply: 220V/380V/415V

Weight:  645kg/689kg                                                    

Packing size: 3750*530*770mm