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DA-800IA Spray Booth

Model:DA- 800 IA  
Inside Dimensions:6900(L)X3900(W)X2650(H) mm
Outside Dimensions:7000(L)X5400(W)X3400(H) mm
Wall Panels:Thickness: 50mm, double skined with polystyrene insulation(EPS) inside, tongue and groove interlock construction
Roof Panels:Galvanized steel sheet;  C-shape ceiling filter holders, powder coated.
Doors:3-fold main doors, 3000(W)x2600(H) mm. One personnel door, 800(W)x2000(H) mm
Basement and Floor:300mm high raised metal- base with 2 pcs ramps outside, 2 rows of gratings and 3 rows of indented plates.
Generator SettingAluminum ally frame
Intake:Two double-intake centrifugal fans, capacity:20000cmh, motor: 2x3kW, belt drive
Extract:One double-intake centrifugal fan, capacity:20000cmh, motor:5.5kW, belt drive
By-Pass:Pneumatic damper from spraying to baking cycle
Heating System: Stainless heating exchanger, 60°C - 80°C working temperature. Italy Riello RG20S oil burner, capacity 200000Kcal/h
Filter System:4 sorts of filters: prefilter, ceiling filter, floor paint-stop filter, activated carbon filter.
Lighting:8 units 4×36W inclined ceiling lights, 8 units 2×18W  horizontal side lights.  Philips tubes, Illumination1000Lux.
Control System:Reliable components, digital temperature readout, spray and bake temperature settings, bake timer,spray and bake switch, pressure gauge, emergency stop.
Total Power:13KW