Prep Station A

Model:Prep Station A
Inside Dimensions:6300L× 3450(W) × 2650 (H) mm
Outside Dimensions:7450L× 3550(W) × 3100 (H) mm
Wall Panels:Back side with 50mm thickness polystyrene insulation(EPS); Front side, left and right side  with 0.5mm thickness PVC curtain
Basement and Floor:Without, air exhaust from back side wall.
Generator SettingAluminum ally frame
Intake:Without, intake air from roof
Extract:One double-intake centrifugal fan, capacity:15000cmh, motor:5.5kW, belt drive, manual     damper
Filter System:Prefilter, ceiling filter, fibreglass filter
Lighting:   8 units 4×36W horizontal ceiling lights, Philips tubes, IIlumination800Lux
Control System:Lighting switch, hours meter, emergency stop.
Roof installation type Steel cable hanging or post supporting
Total Power:7KW